Strategy for Four-Year Advisors

Four-year advisors should not wait for transfer students to reach out to them.  Building connections with two-year advisors helps draw great students to your institution and increases the likelihood of their success once they get there.  What can you do?

Find your advisors


If a search of the community college’s website does not yield an obvious pre-law advisor, you can do a little detective work:

  • Contact the general academic advising office to see if one of their advisors focuses on pre-law advising or if they know of a faculty member who fills that roll

  • Contact government, political science, history, or economics departments and ask whether any of their faculty serve as a pre-law advisor

  • Find a student pre-law group and ask about their faculty advisor


Build upon the connection


  • Provide information to advisors:  Print information from this site, add your own school’s materials, and send it to the two-year advisors in your area.

  • Invite the advisors to your campus:  Host a half-day event with lunch, a description of the resources your school has to offer, and an opportunity to meet with relevant faculty.  This also gives local community college advisors a chance to network with each other.

  • Host a law day for pre-law students:  Work with two-year advisors to invite prospective students to your campus. Talk to them about the resources you offer (including student groups); invite an LSAT prep vendor for a short workshop; introduce students to relevant faculty; and arrange for a mock class. 

  • Develop a pre-law road show: Develop both a 30 minute and one hour version of a talk you can deliver to pre-law groups and to government classes. 

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